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Kids’ and Youth Program

To create access to art and to foster creativity—these are the main goals of the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle’s educational program. In tandem with each exhibition, the KunstHalle provides a tailor-made art program for kids, youths, and families. Under the guidance of experts and experienced artists in workshops of one or several days and in school holiday programs, kids and youths can paint and draw, make comics and collages, work on performance and dance pieces, or create a documentary or animated film. Everything revolves around discovery and experience, honing the perception, and independent artistic activity.

Family Program

The focus in our family programs is on a playful and creative approach to the respective exhibitions’ many themes. The goal is to experience, understand, and produce art together that creates new points of view and fosters social competence.

Daycare and School Programs

A fixed component of our commitment to education is a free program for each exhibition that’s specially designed for kindergarden, elementary, middle, and high schools. In addition, the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle develops individual programs for classes with pupils who are visually or hearing impaired. Following an intense discussion about the exhibition, kids can experience process-oriented creation and their senses in their own artistic works. The sessions run for around one hour and can be booked in German, English, Italian, and Spanish language.

I Packed My Suitcase...

Program for kindergartens and 1st and 2nd graders

Our new exhibition focuses on travel and heading to foreign places. The destination is Villa Aurora in Los Angeles. But where exactly is the city located, what does it look like, and what can we take with us? We will embark on a voyage of discovery of the exhibition together, encounter many artists who lived and made art for a while at Villa Aurora in LA. Like the game “I Packed My Suitcase,” we string together a picture together which includes everything that is important to us in foreign countries.

Off to California!

Program for 3rd – 6th graders

We’re off to California! We are visiting Villa Aurora, a large house in a beautiful setting in Los Angeles that housed German refugee artists a long time ago. Today, too, artists can live and work there for a few months. For many, Villa Aurora is a place of yearning, but some also get homesick there. In a tour together, we will talk about different ways of heading to distant climes, about foreignness and a yearning for freedom. Subsequently, we will creatively give form to this feeling by designing postcards from glued and drawn materials which reflect yearning and the desire to go to distant places!

Where are you heading?

Program for high schools

Villa Aurora is a veritable “aurora” and promises happiness to many artists. Situated in sunny California, it was a transit area for many artists, a passage to a new world. In an intense tour we will talk together about the issue of “heading out,” “leaving things behind,” and starting anew. Moments that people repeatedly go through in their lives and that many artists, then and now, associated and associate with uncertainty, fear, and escape. During the talks, these existential ideas will be linked to current existence – does this apply to our lives today? Where should we be heading?

Program for Students: “I like Mondays!”

One of the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle’s special goals is to give students of art history and related disciplines their first experiences in introducing and interpreting art. In short, spontaneous, creative tours, students explain the current exhibition to visitors every monday. In this manner, they acquire professional knowledge and teaching experience and gain valuable insight into a museum’s everyday activities. We welcome short applications from those interested.


The variety and versatility of the young program continue to lead to new topics. Workshop results, puzzles and competitions as well as raffles, but also special cooperations with other museums or schools in Berlin show that the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle is a lively art space for all ages.

Bored in the museum?

Creative Box

With our mobile Creative Box, kids, adults and families, whether alone or together, can paint, draw, glue, and construct in the exhibition — independently of our workshops and guided tours. Just ask at the museum's counter!

Meschac Gaba Bike Tours

Berlin by Bike?

In Meschac Gaba’s Humanist Space, youth and families can rent bicycles designed expressly for the exhibition and book bike tours.

Berlin on bike

Exhibition Quiz

Victor Man-Quiz

During the exhibition "Victor Man - Zephir" young visitors had the opportunity with theVictor Man-Quiz to discover the exhibition, observe accurately and to prove their knowledge. What can you see behind the mysterious veil of dark images? The main prize is an individual workshop of the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle. The winners of the 2nd and 3rd place can participate in a workshop of the kids-and youth program.

Quiz at the Kulturforum

City Safari

On the occasion of the cultural festival at the Kulturforum in Berlin on 14th and 15th June 2014 children, youngsters and their families had the opportunity to go on an expedition with the City Safari. Who was the architect of the philharmonic hall? Where does Sony come from and how can you recognize the St. Matthäus church? Everyone who answered all questions correctly and who found the right password had the chance to win an individual art workshop for friends and family in the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle. Second and third prices are the participation of one of the workshops of the Kid's and Youth program.

School Cooperation

Cooperation with Kreativitätsschulzentrum Berlin

Since the beginning of 2014 we organize each exhibition individual workshops with the KreativitätsGrundschule Berlin-Friedrichshain. Together we explore the diverse exhibitions of the different artists, their artistic ideas and approaches. In dialogic tours we talk about the effect of the artworks and the exhibition architecture. Finally we experiment with artistic techniques and put our own creative ideas.

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