„The language of the city”
Results of the film workshop of the summer and autumn holidays 2016

On the occasion of the exhibition „COMMON AFFAIRS. Revisiting the VIEWS Award - Contemporary Art from Poland“(21.07.-30.10.2016), 30 young people between 10-14 years have asked themselves: What is the language of the city? What stories do we find and which sounds do we hear? And how do you actually shoot a documentary? Where to put the camera? Together with the film experts Anna Faroqhi and Haim Peretz, the young people exchanged perceptions and went to discover the surroundings of the KunstHalle in small groups with the camera. At the editing computer and with voice and music recordings the films were then completed on the second day in cooperation with the cinema Arsenal and presented in the large cinema hall. Lights, Camera, Action!


Lights, Camera, Action!
Art project co-organized by the Hector Peterson School and the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

The earth emerged billions of years ago – every child knows that. But how? There are various myths about the creation of our world. What do we believe? What do we know? Where is our place in this universe? These are only a few questions the 7th-grade students of the Hector-Peterson high school got engaged with during a half-year art project on the occasion of the exhibition „Basim Magdy – The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings” (29.04.2016 - 3.07.2016) at Deutsche Bank KunstHalle.
Initiated and led by artists Niki Elbe and Cornelia Renz, students explored the artistic cosmos of Basim Magdy and then created their own artistic world with drawings, paintings, ceramics, texts and three fantastic cartoon movies: „Aurora“, „Invasion“ und „Ice Planet“. Lights, Camera, Action!


An image leads to a story that leads to an image that leads to a story

Who came first, the image or the story? And who came next, the storyteller or the new story? These were some of the questions the workshop participants asked together with art writer Filipa Ramos and author Ingo Niermann on the ocasion of the exhibition by Basim Magdy (29.4.-3.7.2016). Out of the stories that images tell and the images that tell stories an adventurous comic has been created. Happy reading!


Deutsche Bank KunstHalle Offers Free Welcoming Programs for Refugees

Providing access to art and promoting creativity – these are the main aims of the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle’s mediation program. The visual power of art can usually be conveyed without many words. The various themes that art explores have points of reference that enable people to exchange ideas about life in current society. We cordially invite refugees to become acquainted with our venue and international exhibition program. In free, individualized workshops and guided tours for children, families, and adults in different languages, we look forward to exchange that enriches us all.

Informationskarte für Geflüchtete

Jackson Pollock’s Kids’ Guide

Within the framework of the exhibition “Jackson Pollock: Energy Made Visible” at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle (11/25/2015 – 4/10/2016), students at the Creative Elementary School in Friedrichshain developed a “Museum Guide for Kids by Kids.” Since 2014, class 4b at the school has visited every exhibition at the KunstHalle. In dialogic tours, they talk with art mediator Dr. Lisa Klotz about the effect of the artworks and the exhibition architecture. Subsequently they experiment with artistic techniques and implement their own artistic ideas. We are particularly pleased about this special approach of exhibitions and wish you enjoyable reading!

Special thanks to the students Yara Laue, Lea Prokop, Saida Sabanov, Mia Pathe, Claire Dierberg and the teacher Anne Gerds.

News Kids Guide

Bored in the museum? Creative Box

With our mobile Creative Box, kids, adults and families, whether alone or together, can paint, draw, glue, and construct in the exhibition — independently of our workshops and guided tours. Just ask at the museum's counter!

School Cooperation - Cooperation with Kreativitätsschulzentrum Berlin

Since the beginning of 2014 we organize each exhibition individual workshops with the KreativitätsGrundschule Berlin-Friedrichshain. Together we explore the diverse exhibitions of the different artists, their artistic ideas and approaches. In dialogic tours we talk about the effect of the artworks and the exhibition architecture. Finally we experiment with artistic techniques and put our own creative ideas.