Photos by Mathias Schormann and Daisy Loewl, unless noted otherwise.

Daycare and School

So much to discover! The paintings and drawings of the Indian painter Bhupen Khakhar are teeming with people and bustling street scenes. We see many small pictures in one big one. What stories do they show? Together we look for and discover stories from the painter’s life. His colorful paintings give us creative impetus to invent little pictorial stories from our own lives and draw them on a big sheet of paper.

Portrait Painting: That’s Me! -
Program for Kindergarteners and 1st and 2nd graders

The painter Bhupen Khakhar never got tired of painting himself, over and over again. He created many colorful portraits of himself, friends, and other people that say a lot about their appearance as well as their life and their thoughts. Together we view the pictures and then take a mirror in our hands, take a good look at ourselves, and draw ourselves: our eyes, nose, and skin – what shapes and colors do they have? Can we also express our thoughts, dreams, and wishes in a drawing?

Portrait Painting: That’s Me! -
Program for 3rd – 6th graders

The exhibition shows sculptures, videos, and photos by Polish artists. What are their ideas and what effect do these ideas have on us? Starting with a work by Pawe³ Althamer, we make you the point of departure with your ideas and wishes and ask: What does your dream museum look like? You can realize your ideas in drawings or in a collage. The best ideas can participate in our competition and subsequently be put on the KunstHalle’s Facebook page.

Bhupen Khakhar – A Bold Painter -
Program for High Schools

Bhupen Khakhar was an internationally known painter. He belonged to vital twentieth-century Indian art movement whose artists brought new kinds of narratives and figuration to painting. How can we read his pictures? What stories does he tell? After studying South Asian and European art, as well as Pop Art, Khakhar developed his own painting style. With a lot of courage he addressed complex and provocative issues. What feelings do we have when we view his works and what parallels do we see to our own lives today? We are looking forward to your literary ideas!

Further Training for Teachers

Educational mediation of the exhibition is at the center of this free further training session, which is taking place in cooperation with the Senate Administration for Education, Science, and Research.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016, 4.30 pm